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Summit Systems Ltd has been operating since 1993, and now has a network of consultants throughout New Zealand and a growing list of clients who have all benefited from the systems available.


Summit Systems Ltd believes that it is uniquely placed because of its experience and resources, particularly in the Health and Safety - Injury Prevention area to provide a high degree of assistance in reducing ACC/Workplace Insurance costs and therefore risks for both the client and the insurer. Its high quality fire procedures and training can also help clients reduce their risk, premium costs and improve their fire rating.


Summit provides more than 25 systems for businesses. Many of these are associated with safety and some are designed to help organisation achieve accreditation for Quality Assurance.


Summit also provides a Diploma in Business Planning. This consists of seven papers that can be completed over a period of a few months.


More than 90% of businesses do not remain in business for 10 years. Many have ceased within just three years. Let us teach you 100 principles of business that they did not teach you at Harvard Business School. The principles are essential knowledge if you wish to grow your business in a competitive world.


Let us also teach you about the range of subsidies and grants that are available to help businesses get going and expand. In some cases there are discounts for high standards relating to safety and fire regulations.





Summit Systems Ltd aspires to be a world leader in Injury Prevention.




Our Track Record



With some 3,000 clients operating our systems, covering approximately 10,000 sites throughout New Zealand, we believe that our systems and training have provided significant economic gains. We have estimated that the benefit we bring to our Nation in terms of fewer accidents is equivalent to the cost of running a medium sized hospital. An independent audit some years ago verified this claim. We are a business development company that specialises in Business Qualifications, Accreditation and Compliance. Our point of difference that makes us unique in the marketplace is that we are the only company that has consistently been able to deliver a 70% reduction in workplace accidents at the most hazardous sites around NZ for the last 15 years. Our natural constituency is farming, fishing and forestry; all types of contracting, trades and manufacturing. We have approximately 25 consultants in the regions, 10 of whom are senior consultants with high level competency, able to train and coach at corporate level. We have a track record of completing perhaps 1000 safety and quality audits annually for client sites.


Qualifications of Summit Systems Ltd

Implementation of Quality Assurance to TQS1 and TQM
Membership with Standards NZ
BDB Assessor Role of Managing Director
Transit NZ Trainer Role of Managing Director


Our Competitive Advantage



For over 15 years, we have built an excellent reputation in business development and achieved tremendous success in helping SME’s and large companies become successful. We have access to a range of remarkable and proven business development tools and systems. Well, at Summit, we believe each business is different. It is important that we provide solutions to problems that are appropriate to the business and suited to the management of the business. We believe business owners need integrated management skills, injury prevention skills, international standards and systems, cost and risk minimisation strategies for growing their business to its maximum potential and preferably with less stress and more enjoyment. Our business is to turn knowledge into profits. Our mission is to arm business owners, with the most valuable business information that will produce about 400% return on investment.







GPCarson is now a retired member AIHS 14-22 Bruce St Melbourne Australia.
Australian Institute of Health and Safety.

This membership cost nearly $50 nzd to get it through the banks plus retired member fee A88.
We will also join 3 of the overseas networks. Over the years we had memberships with Telarc Ltd NZ (client), ASCB Bournemouth UK (Association), and NZ Safety Council (Corporate).

George Carson has held memberships of MICMA (International City Manager); MILAM (Local Authorities) MNZIHM (Health); ACHS (Hospitals); SOLGM Society Local Govt Managers; ANZIM (Institute of Management); IQP Independent Qualified Person.







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