Help your business survive and grow in the face of increased competition plus the risks of much higher fines, claims and litigations.


Staff performance and HR systems are really important for any business that wishes to gain efficiency and high quality results. This training takes only about one hour. Proper systems and training also reduce the risk of frivolous and vexatious staff claims. The average business with six workers has one such claim every five years. The average settlement is $6,600 or $220 per worker per annum. An annual course is highly recommended.


We help you gain qualifications for Supervisors and Staff. This is designed to reduce the risk of prosecutions. The maximum prosecution is now $500,000 and for one event up to six prosecutions can be laid at once, making a theoretical maximum of $3 million. The law has now been changed so that prosecutions can be laid by any person. This could be a worker, relative or disaffected colleague of the victim. It is known that the typical hazardous industry has a statistical chance of one serious harm per 20 workers per annum. Hazardous industries include: farming, forestry, fishing, all rural activities, and all types of contracting, transport, trades and manufacturing. The average hidden cost to an employer (excluding fines, legal fees and reparations) is likely to be perhaps $10,000, if all factors are counted. ACC has calculated the total cost of a typical rural accident to be $28,000.





Key personnel can be trained in how to identify hazards and how to monitor work place safety. Litigations are now much more common than prosecutions. Recent examples include several of more than $5 million. Such cases are taken under the duty of care required by various laws.


Employers with staff trained to A/NZ standards have a commercial advantage. This means that they can gain work where non qualified staff will be rated as unsuitable for the work. A 5% gain in revenue through having highly skilled staff is a bonus that cannot be ignored. For example, qualified personnel in height work, confined spaces, job task analysis and plant operation will have a clear advantage over untrained people.


Qualified staff help improve the profitability of the typical business through being much more conscious of the need to focus on goals and quality. A 5% saving in payroll costs would be an important financial gain.


ACC offers workplace safety management practices discount of 10% to a wide range of hazardous industries where two of the key staff have been through a recognised training course and an application has been lodged.


Insurers are also likely to reduce the excesses where workers are less likely to cause damage to plant and equipment through high quality training. For example, some insurers will allow a reduction to as little as $200 where workers have been trained to high standards. If there is one claim per annum and if the excess is reduced from say $2000, to $200, this is significant.




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