As restrictions continue to ease, more and more businesses will reopen. To prepare for this, a COVID-19 safety plan is not only the smart way to manage risk in your business but in many cases, it will be a legal requirement.

A COVID-19 Safety plan will help you develop a plan specific to your workplace with control measures to manage the risk of infection for staff and customers.

Summit Systems has prepared a comprehensive plan that includes essential information for responsibilities, hygiene controls, and steps to be taken in the case of a staff member contracting COVID-19.

Don’t be caught out without your Safety Plan in place. Check out our Re-Opening Safety Plan and quickly get back normal operations.




COVID-19 Re-Opening Safety Plan



All employers have a responsibility to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and free of risks to health.

As part of this responsibility, you must provide safe systems of work, give your employees the necessary information, and responsibly manage the workplace.


Perfect for a smaller, less complex business or a business just starting up this management system will still provide you with the most critical OHS and Environmental elements.


We offer free evaluation of your status to handle emergencies in relationship to AS NZS 4360 and ISO 19600.

Using this OHSE Management System, you can get on with the business of running your business and not get bogged down by the extensive paperwork a larger organisation may need.






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