Help your business grow through certification and accreditation for your business to enable you to qualify for preferred supplier status to Local Bodies, Government Departments and Corporates.


1. We help you build three operating manuals which are customised to reflect how you intend to operate your business under quality assurance protocols. The manuals become business systems when implemented.


2. This takes us about 40 hours but will require just 4 hours of your time over 4 months.


3. The process includes Quality Management systems as follows: (a) TQS1/QA system and training; (b) OHSIP/ACC International Safety system; and (c) HR/ Staff Performance system.


4. Three certificates are produced so that you can quickly and easily issue a copy to those entities that you wish to become a preferred supplier to. We even give you the covering letter to send them out.





5. There are two lists of contractors and suppliers. Those who think that they are qualified (B list) and those that are accepted as actually being qualified (A list). The second list is very small but there might be hundreds on the former list whom are often adamant that they are the best. The pricing structure is often very different for the qualified list and can be a margin of 5%, 10% or sometimes as much as 50% under what is called weighted attributes.


6. There are seven attributes that can be measured. One is price but the others include things such as relevant experience, resources, track record, technical expertise, management skills and methodology.


7. It is common for preferred suppliers to review pricing and this may even have to be upwards. The reason for this is that the principals do not have to play Clerk of Works to contractors that are not quality assured. NB: “Peace of mind” is valuable for having contractors and suppliers that deliver exactly the right product or service on time and every time. We do not have to waste our precious time holding their hand.


8. So, what you actually gain for your business is the opportunity for improved margins and the best jobs for the best price.


9. We also help you gain some extra financial benefits so that the overall cost to your business is normally cost neutral. What more can you ask for?


10. There is an annual certification process so that you keep your certification in front of the entities that you wish to relate to.






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