ACC has just announced that experience rating will increase to 75% in mid 2014 and this will apply to companies paying more than $10,000 premiums. The experience rating will be calculated by looking at the claims over the most recent 3 years. The experience rating bonus can be between 10% and 75% depending on the claims record and systems operated.


Summit Systems Ltd has been in this field for more than 20 years and is expert at more than 30 methods to reduce ACC costs. This needs to be compared to the top consultancy companies that customarily boast about being able to deliver about 3-5 methods. It is also better than the record of ACC officials who have not been in the industry for more than about ten years.




The top experience rating bonus is possible and achievable. It can be reached within three years where the organisation is willing to allow Summit to perform its services without obstruction. The services are usually a fraction of the cost of the savings and reductions attained for the client. On top of this Summit can also get discounts of 10% under WSD and up to 20% discount under the WSMP schemes. For further information visit the ACC website on these links....


NB: the above links are several years out of date. They need to be updated by ACC in accordance with the latest regulations and decisions of NZ Parliament.



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